How to find a Reputable Breeder

There are as many types of breeders as there are puppies. Good
breeders spend a lot of time,money and effort on each litter they
produce and only want the best homes for any puppies they don't
keep for themselves.
A good breeder does NOT have puppies constantly, nor do they
advertise them in every online classified they can find...Their dogs
speak for themselves and the quality is evident. Many times the
pups are spoken for before they are even born.
Some things to be wary of when looking at web sites are large
numbers of breeding stock and puppies available constantly,dogs
that do not look like the breed they are supposed to represent or
sites that have ONLY cute puppy pics and no adults
pictured,pictures that appear to be "  altered "  ie-coat added or
enhanced  , logo's professing hand raising,like it is something
special...the alternative is a bitch having her pups alone and
un-assisted under the house or in the backyard......Doesn't seem
that it's so special that the person Responsible for the mating attend
the actual birth does it?!!
Tea-cups and Triple-coated poms...These are nothing more than
terms used to market their poms to the public. Pomeranians are a
Toy breed and they have a standard that should be bred for. It is
posted on the American Pomeranian Club's web site.
Many times you will hear well the Dam is 10-15 lbs and the Sire is 6
lbs,but they produce teeny tiny puppies....Wake up and smell the
coffee!!!  A dog that is lacking in breed type is not going to produce
a fabulous show puppy that is 4 lbs.
You may also see the term exotics and rare used to sell you a pup at
an inflated price...Many times you can get a better quality puppy
for less from a reputable hobby/show breeder than those advertising
their "special" poms.
There are many wonderful people in dogs who will help you all they
can to find a wonderful quality pet or show dog but there are also
those who will take your money and when you have a
problem....well it's your problem.
Remember ANYONE can make a web site. Do your homework and
learn about the breed you are interested in.  Good breeders are
usually aware of the questionable people in the breed and will be
able to help you find a good breeder as well as answer any
questions you have about the breed. Do your research and if at any
time you feel uncomfortable...walk away and look elsewhere.