How do I get on the waiting list and what happens next?

Simply E-mail us or call with information on color,size,and male
or female and whether you are interested in a Pet, Breeding or
Show quality baby. We will then notify with a birth
announcement when a baby has been born that we feel is right
for you. We will then request that you send your deposit at that
time if you decide it is the right baby for you. All companion
quality puppies are sold without papers with a spay/nueter
agreement. Full AKC Registration is provided with show and
breeding quality puppies.

Will you hold my puppy on deposit?
Yes,we will hold a pup for you. The deposit can be sent either
Priority mail with a Postal Money Order, Western Union or
Money Gram. Deposits are non-refundable.
*Please note because our puppies are spoken for so
Must place a deposit to guarantee the puppy will not be sold to
someone else. *

Do you take payments?
Yes we do. Your deposit is considered to be your down payment.
The balance can be paid out in the time it takes for your dog to
get old enough to go home with you.

At what age is my puppy ready to come home with me?
Usually between 8 to 12 weeks,depending on weight. Tiny
puppies stay with us a little longer to be sure they have a good
start in life.

Why are all puppies not the same price?
Prices vary according to quality,pedigree and color.

What is an exotic colored pom?
Generally an exotic is any color other than orange,orange
sable,red, or red sable.

Do you ship your puppies?
No we Do Not Ship our puppies. We believe it is too stressful for
a puppy to travel alone. You are however welcome to drive or fly
in and pick up your puppy to take it home wth you.