Pomeranian grooming
How to trim a pomeranian
Remove all hair around the pads
pomeranian trimming guide
Round and neaten front of foot
how to trim pomeranian feet
Trimmed vs untrimmed front foot
Back foot and hock untrimmed
Remove hair from back pad
Hock trimmed
pomeranian grooming
Grooming a Pomeranian is not as daunting a task as you may think. Having the right tools will make your job
much easier. Pictured below are a few basic tools every pom owner should have.

To begin you will want to mist the coat lightly with either plain water or a grooming spray. A simple grooming
spray may be made by adding one teaspoon of Mane and Tail to a regular spray bottle. Shake well to mix.
Brushing a dry coat will break off the guard hairs so be sure to mist the coat.
To begin line brush your pom removing all tangles with your Pin Brush. To line brush start at one end and in
small sections brush out and proceed to the next area working your way up towards the next section. Spraying
as you go to keep the coat barely damp.
Once you have completely brushed out your pom run through the entire coat with your Poodle Comb to finish.

Long nails are painful to your pom so you want to be sure to keep them clipped. If your poms nails are very
long you will want to do them and in a few days do them again until you get them short enough.
To trim the nails take your poms paw and holding the bottom of the foot extend the nails. The quick is behind
the curve so if you cut right in front you will not make your pom bleed. If you happen to cut too close use a
pinch of Quick Stop powder or Gel to stop the bleeding. I prefer the gel applied with a Q-tip.

Once you have cut the nails back lay your pom on it's back and begin to trim all of the hair away from the pads
using your blunt tipped scissors. This will keep the foot from splaying out. After you have removed all of the
hair from the bottom of the foot cut the hair at the front of the foot straight across right in front of the toes.
You will want to slightly round the corner of the foot to neaten it up. In the same manner remove all hair from
the back pads and trim off the excess at the front of the foot, rounding it off as you did the front feet. Next
brush out the hock and trim it evenly to neaten the leg.