If you are interested in owning one of our pomeranian puppies ,please complete the
following information. These questions help me get to know you better, and help me
place the best puppy with the perfect family for them. Thank you for taking the time to
complete the questionnaire.



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How did you hear about Iddy Bidy Pomeranians? Please be specific.

Do you have a preference on sex, and or color?

What is your purpose for getting a pom...companion, breeding, or show?

In order to protect the future quality of the breed, reputable breeders sell companion
quality puppies with a non-breeding agreement and require them to be spayed or
nuetered. Are you willing to sign such an agreement?

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If No,please explain.

I have researched the breed to educate myself or have previously owned a pomeranian
or another toy breed of dog?

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Pomeranians have big,fluffy coats. Are you prepared to keep up the grooming needs of a

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Do you have children, if so what are their ages?

Do you have other pets? If so what are they?

If you have dogs are they(check all applicable)

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Have you had any dogs that you had to get rid of, had to be given up for adoption or are
deceased? What were the circumstances?