Iddy Bidy Pomeranians
Pomeranian puppies go through a coat transition commonly
referred to as "The Uglies" or "The Monkeys" This usually
starts around 12 to 16 weeks of age.
The amount of coat lost can be minimal or very dramatic
leaving your fur ball looking like a long haired chihuahua.
Seemingly almost over night your tiny ball of fluff starts to
look scraggly,awkward and seems to be all ears and legs.
You may even wonder if you have a pure bred pomeranian.
Rest assured if you purchased your puppy from a reputable
breeder, you do indeed have a pure bred pomeranian.
This is a completely normal phase all pomeranian puppies go
through. You will want to keep your puppy thoroughly
brushed out to remove the old coat so the new coat can grow in.
A tiny bit of trimming to even up the coat can make your baby
look his best during this stage of development.
Soon you will see the new coat start to come in generally with
a darker stripe along the back and filling in more and more
each day. Before long you will have a lovely full coated
pomeranian once again.
Below are pictures of our darling baby Gunny that illustrate
the uglies. More will be added as he grows up.
6 weeks and oh so sweet :)
10 weeks and cute as a bug!
16 weeks UH OH the uglies have struck!
Poor little guy looks like he stuck his paw in a
light socket! As you can see it is sticking up
on end every which way and is very sparse.
pomeranian puppy uglies
pomeranian puppy uglies
pomeranian puppy uglies the monkey's
20 weeks old. Hair is starting to grow along his
back now..note the dark stripe..and the
undercoat has started to come in. Nowhere near
as scruffy looking now.
pomeranian monkeys
pom uglies
Gunny at 9 months old, his coat is thick,beautiful and very full
8 months old and trimmed for neatness only
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Gunny at a little over 1 year and groomed for his first show.